Long Description of Sighting Report
the event was published in a book of sightings(BARNES&noble).i'M ONE OF 5000 WHO saw this object. my only witness is my ex-wife. maybe spielberg would call this an encounter of the second kind. while standing on my driveway in the dark, i happened to look up and saw round lights approaching just over a tree. within seconds there was a circle of white lights,with a red one in the center.the sky was blocked out for approx 100 feet.i could not see the color of the object. there was no sound. the gound was not lit by its 6 or 8 lights. i do not remember how long we stood there in disbelief.then,it slowly,silently moved horizontally and disappeared beyond the trees.our family advised us not talk about this. i'm a retired nyc teacher and now take the time to think about things like this .