Long Description of Sighting Report
I was 19 years old at the time, in the Marine Corps and worked on A-4 Skyhawkaircraft at the Alameda Naval Air Station. I was driving to Chino from Oaklandon a Saturday afternoon in the summer of 1975. I had my windows rolled down,no ac and no radio. The sky was clear, no clouds at all and the temperature wasin the high 70s to low 80s. I was in the area of Pyramid Lake in the Grape Vinearea on I-5 going south when these 5 bright red teardrop shaped objects caughtmy attention off to the west, moving east. The big end of the teardrop was thefront with the point being the tail. At first I thought they were helicoptersor maybe a group of stunt aircraft. But, there were no rotor blades and nowings. They werent very high above the ground1,000 to 1,500 feet is what Id guess. There was no deviation from their flightpath and the distance between the objects never changed. They were flying in aV formation, and flying pretty slowmaybe 100 mph or so. I was thinking that I should stop and watch, but I didn't. I guess I just wanted to get to my folks house. There were lots of other carson the highway and nobody was stopping. I just kept driving and watching. Thenext day I talked to my parents neighbor who had been in the San Bernardino Mtscamping and when I told her what I had seen the day before, her eyes got big andshe told me that she had seen the same objects, but she also saw something elsea giant cigar shaped object came down from the sky and the 5 smaller objectsflew into it and the cigar shaped object was gone just like that very quick. Ive never reported this and have only told a few friends about it.