Long Description of Sighting Report
Tonight I was driving home with some friends after a birthday party. It was 11:00PM and I was on Oakland Blvd entering I-95 heading southbound towards Miami. After a minute of driving on I-95 I noticed a blue orb fly across the sky heading south west. The blue orb was only visible for about 3 seconds when I noticed it as it came into my field of vision and then dissapeared instantly without an afterglow or anything like that. It was almost like a shooting star but it wasn't. The orb maintained a consistent sphere shaped while flying. It never blinked or flashed like the lights from airplanes or helicopters. It didn't have a tail or streak like a shooting star would have. My girlfriend also noticed it. She was sitting next to me. Out of 5 people in the car only both of us saw it because it was only visible throught the windsheild. We both looked at each other said "what the hell was that?" I thought it was weird. I am pretty sure others that were driving next to me saw it as well because the blue orb was flying pretty low.