Long Description of Sighting Report
...........so i got my camera,went out on the front deck of our apartment.snapped one picture di not think i got the shot,took another.I said"it's a stealth bomber".it was a sunny day and no wind
i am not a believer in ufo's,and, or extraterrestial beings.but the bible does not state god only made earth and mankind..........does it?
these pictures sat in my camera until today.my friend and i were driving back from pacific junction,and he asked"did you hear about the ufo siting in benson.i said "speaking of ufo's,check out these pictures i got.
he then said "we have to get to a computer and get these downloaded".
so we did and called mufon in nebraska.
you will also notice what seems to be a plane of sorts in both pictures...just ahead of this object....just noticed that today also.
thank you for your time on this matter.

maybe it was just this...............baaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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