Long Description of Sighting Report
Was taking trash out after Thanksgiving and noticed a single redish-orange fireball rising from eastern horizon from San Diego city center. At first it looked like an asteroid but it was going up instead of down. Shortly after a 2nd appeared from horizon following same path as the first. Then there was a 3rd. I ran to get my wife so I wasnt the only one who saw. I also got my Flipcam and captured whatever I could in the night sky.

The 3 objects followed the exact path rising fast at first then appeared to slow down as they rose. First object faded away then the 2nd and 3rd faded.

Ive seen the Shuttle launch from far away and I would liken the speed to it where low to the ground it appeared to be fast and then slow as it rose when in fact it was increasing speed but the trajectory made it appear it was slowing down.

The video I am attaching was when the objects reached their highest point and began disappearing.