Long Description of Sighting Report
While eating Thanksgiving dinner my husband looked out the living room window and notices an orange light moving across the sky,he said what the hell is that? It was an orange light moving across the sky. My son put his plate down and went outside to look. He was out there about two minutes, when he came back inside he said to us I don't know what the hell that is! So I went back outside with him to look. First thing I noticed it was a cloudless star lit night. This orange light was moving slowly across the sky slowing down then moving again. also while we watched the light would turn a little red./ we watched for about three or four minutes then it almost stopped and then started going straight up we looked at each other in disbelief as it then vanished into the sky,when returning into the house wide eyed. I told my husband what we had wittnessed and upon telling him I became sick to my stomach then sat down continuing to stare out the window still in disbelief!