Long Description of Sighting Report
My wife,son, & I just returned from picking up our SUV from getting an oil change. When as soon as we pulled up into the driveway, I noticed something unusual in the sky. As my wife got out of the SUV and I got out of the other car, she began to reach for our son in the carseat, when all of a sudden I noticed this strange black/greyish ball just hovering in the sky. From my perspective, it was in the same direction of the Moon. I asked my wife, "What is that?!" I got her attention, and she said "What?" looking at me. I said, "Look! Look there, do you see that black ball?" she says "Yeah, I see it." and I said, "What the heck is that? Its just sitting there!" I turn around quickly to grab my smartphone from the carseat, and as I look back, the object was gone. After that happened my wife took our son inside, but I stayed outside to try and find it. I turned around slowly 360 degrees and the object was nowhere to be found. As I was looking around I spotted what appeared to be a jet at a higher altitude off to the far left and it looked like it was using its afterburners. As soon as I looked back at the jet seeing that it was even further, I noticed an object that looked like a long black line, almost cigar shaped, heading in the same direction as the jet, but at a lower altitude, and as I watched it, it seemed to disappear right in front of me. Then it just completely vanished out of site.

The attached photos have been manipulated to show what I saw, and are in no way geniune photos of the actual UFOs. I was unable to capture the UFO at the time of viewing, but I used the photos to give a view of what I saw.