Long Description of Sighting Report
I was in my living room watching the T.V. Off to my left I saw a bright flash of orange light which lead to me seeing a massive hovering orange light in the sky off to the North East. At first I believed it was the moon or an airplane as living near Washington D.C I see plenty of aircraft fly by in that exact same location. The object measured anywhere from 700 to 900 feet wide, perfectly circular, stationary, light brightly orange bright enough to light up my entire backyard and several other buildings around my house, after about 12 minutes the object emitted a bright white light that shown to the ground not sure where my view was obstructed by several other houses.Then after emitting the beam the light slowly faded away till it was completely gone. The light at first made me fell terrified of it but then I just felt as if as it was supposed to be there.