Long Description of Sighting Report
My eleven-year old son was watching fireworks from our back deck between the hours of 9:30 to 10 p.m. when he called me and his dad to come outside because our son saw some lights. It was approximately 10:05 when we joined him on deck. I didnít think much about it because it was the fourth of July; however, he pointed out four unusual red/orange lights that hovered in unison from the east to west direction. Our back deck faces north. It was peculiar to see these lights drifting slowly from east to west against the night sky when there were plenty of fireworks. The first three set of lights formed a trianglular shape with the fourth trailing behind. We then called our oldest 17-year old son to see these lights and ask what he thought about them. Shortly after he came to see them we noticed that the first three set of lights in a triangle shape lost the first bottom left light, as it simply disappeared. Our 17-year old also agreed how odd the lights appeared. We noticed some airplanes to the southeast and we could hear their engines slightly. The remaining three lights continued to hover together and kept at the same distance for some time. The lights began to trail behind a set of trees so my eleven-year old son and I came down from the deck to move to the east part of our yard to visually follow the lights after they began to go behind the trees (to the north of us). we then noticed only one light left, and that last light mysteriously dissappeared before it fully went behind the trees. My eleven-year old son and I went further into the east section of our yard to see the light before it completely went behind the trees, but then we noticed that it too disappeared. What was peculiar is that after I stood there for a while looking towards the sky where the lights were, I noticed a round ring in the sky that sort of looked like a white aura or white glowy circle of smoke. My eleven-year old son explained to me later what prompted him to call us. He said that as he was watching the fireworks on our back deck he noticed one light hovering still in the sky. He thought nothing of it, and continued watching fireworks; however, when he turned and noticed the light he noticed the three additional lights joining and hovering along with what became the tail light. This was the first sighting of two this particular evening.