Long Description of Sighting Report
A friend and myself were watching fourth of july fireworks in the sky when we noticed an orange ball ascending in the sky from the north. At that moment we determined that it might be a chinese lantern by the way it wobbled on upward lazily. We doubted our first opinion on the object when it would suddenly pulsate a very bright white light. when the white light dimmed, the object returned to its orange orb like appearance. The pulse was like a three second build up to a suddenly immense white light. About five to seven seconds for every pulsation. The object began to fly directly towards myself and my friend. It got closer and seemed to move faster. When it was just about directly overhead, i made a joke that what we were seeing was Superman. I made the joke because directly overhead it didn't appear to be an orb anymore it appeared to be a capital Y flying across the sky like Superman with his arms out. At the ends of the three points of the Y were orange orbs. The rest of the Y was pulsating a yellowish white to an all white flash at its peak. At this time when it was directly overhead we expected to be able to see it clearly for a while, but then it sped up quickly. In about a few short seconds it was something so visible to something so tiny as a little star moving across the sky until it wasnt visible anymore. I saw it shortly in its tiniest form, to my friends perspective it vanished.

My best guess it flew from the north towards us in the south and then vanished.