Long Description of Sighting Report
I was outside to enjoy the cool moist air after the record breaking heatwave just days earlier, also having alot of family issues on my mind, so I decided to go outside and enjoy the fresh air and peace and quiet. I was looking at the Moon rising in the east but noticed a yellow-white light behind a tree next to our road to my northeast. I pulled out my cell phone from my pocket to look at the time, that way I would know what time it was when I first noticed the object just in case it turns out to be an unknown object. I watched the light closely, at first it seemed stationary, but after about a minute it gradually started to move in a southwesterly direction. I went to my truck to grab my camera but I forgot that I brought it inside with me earlier. I turned on the camera on my cell phone and zoomed in as close as I could. I couldnt see the object on the screen, but I went ahead and took a picture of it anyway for further research on here. As it got directly in line with the Moon (just above the Moon) I could see a red blinking light underneath as well as a bright white light on the front, the back there was another white light, as it got to my southeast I noticed another white light, where I could see the lights were in a triangular formation. There was no sound that I could hear other than the traffic noise since I live less than a quarter mile from highway 41 and a CSX railroad crossing. At 1:18 AM 10 minutes after I first noticed the object, it moved to my south and disappeared in a bank of clouds, and never regained visual on it. I took a total of 8 photos of this thing, neither of them turned out, but I am hoping further research might reveal what this object really was for sure. I will need to figure out how to upload photos to this site with my cell phone because its a replacement for my other one that I broke about a month ago.