Long Description of Sighting Report
Sunday 07-08-2012 Time;10:13PM CDT.
Near Liberty Missouri.
Azimuth:78 Deg., viewed to North, direction of travel from east to west.Duration of observation 2-3 mins.

My partner and I stepped outside to smoke a cigarette be for going to bed. I noticed the super brilliant
Orange/Red spherical object just over the rooftop. She also witnessed this event. Orb/object was surrounded
in a conical Iridescence, possibly ionization from the atmosphere, which varied in shape aft of the object and
decreased in shape and visibility further downrange to the west.Initially the object size at first sighting overhead
was the size of a "BB" held at arms length.
Appx Altitude was 30-40,000 feet, ceiling:Unlimited. To slow to be meteoric. To low to be a satellite.
I am ruling out aircraft military/commercial and this was not an Iridium Satellite flash sighting folks...Anyone else see this?
I have uploaded my Photo Shop rendering of the object and it is Spot On!