Long Description of Sighting Report
I walked out to check on mail and was instantly focused on the amazing cloud formation with the sunny day, with patches of rain.
The clouds I believe were MAMMATUS CLOUDS after comparing on-line.
This is when I noticed the 2 ...shapes in the air, at first I thought they where eagles or a large bird , but realizing how high up it could not possibly be a bird or anything but something very large.
I followed them kinda floating it seemed then moved south in a pattern that 2 planes might make, there was no after trail and they kept together then slowly turned east and then abruptly vanished... i suppose into the cloud formation which would have made their altitude higher than I previously thought.
I have seen many planes circle or come into the city day and night and this is where I draw my comparative size from, the size was very large and I understand the disappearing" into the clouds would seem that way from the ground ... but the way they seemed to move in the sky was strange to begin with , I then went back into house and took a picture of the sky and clouds, took my phone back inside then remembered I forgot mail and went back out and clouds had dispersed and a bright sunny day, all seemed surreal.
Probably a few planes from hill air-force, but after I came inside and started to look to see if anyone else might have seen them this day.