Long Description of Sighting Report
I had gone out to smoke a cigarette on the deck at about 9:50pm on July 17, 2012 with my roommate and his wife. We were sitting and talking when across the river at the top of the mountain 3 large very bright lights rose up over the trees at the top of the mountain directly east of our house. We first noticed them because they were so bright and were moving very slowly. Once they got a few hundred feet about the trees they began to rotate in a clockwise manor staying hovering. At this point i began to realize that this was not any technology that we have or would be present in the area. After about 45 seconds of rotating the objects began to move north along the top of the mountain. At this point they were still in the triangle formation and still rotating. After they moved about 500 yards the objects broke formation and moved into a strait line. This is when i realized it must be multiple objects. We live in a valley and it is very easy to hear aircraft but they were making no noise. After they moved into a strait line the objects stopped and hovered once again and then they began to fade away. After fading they would appear again and then fade. They did this a few times and then vanished. I spent the whole time watching this on the deck and i felt very nervous and shocked at what i was witnessing. I did some research and found that very similar sightings have been reported in Irwin Pa not to far from Johnstown.