Long Description of Sighting Report
I received a phone call tonight from my Mother around 9:30 PM telling me about the UFO that her and my Father just saw. My parents were driving in their car, making my Dad the driver and my Mother the passenger. As they were heading WEST on the streets of Eighth and Pollasky my Mother told me she noticed a bright orange snowflake/star shaped UFO hovering around above a Catholic church(Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church). She told me this occurred around 9:10pm or so. These streets are located in a neighborhood so when they came to a stop sign my Mom pointed the UFO out to my Father who then looked and saw the same bright orange UFO who he also described as being bright orange especially being against the night sky. My Mom said the object was just hovering over the church for a little bit. But my Father became scared and drove a little down the street aways from the object. My Mother was not scared but intrigued by the sighting and told my Father to stop on the side of the street. She told me they were both looking at the object from inside the car pulled over on the side of the street. When they were parked looking at the object my Mother said the UFO started slowly hover towards their car and then became dim in color but was still slightly visible with a more transparent shade of orange. My Mom kept her eyes on the object as she said it started moving away in the opposite direction of the moon (East). At the time they were the only ones driving on the road but then another vehicle turned on the street from Minnewawa onto eighth and when this happened my Mother said the UFO disappeared. When the UFO was visible my Mother also tried to tell my Father to take a photo with his cell phone but my Mom said he was so shocked he couldnt sum up the courage. Both my parents are devoted Christians and to get this phone call from my Mom really took me by surprise thats why I felt I had to report this myself since my parents arent technologically inclined as me with using computers. I was bummed though that they didn't get a picture.