Long Description of Sighting Report
I live on 2 acres in the country with a good view of the sky. I walked out to look at the stars and noticed lights coming low and slow from out of the West. I called my wife to come out and look because the lights were coming from an unusual direction. I didn't know what it was, I just knew it wasnt an airplane because airplanes are my hobby. It was a triangle shaped object with a cluster of lights in the front followed by a red blinking light in the center and another light close to that. At first it looked like 2 seperate crafts, but as it got closer we could see that it was one big one. It headed towards the North then banked towards the East then disappeared. There was no noise at all. I was in awe and would like to know what it was. My wife was exited about it until it started to bank and looked like it was heading our direction, then she got scared. It faded off into the East.