Long Description of Sighting Report
My fiancÚ were driving home through Valley Forge Park last night when I saw 3 bright lights in the distance. Initially I thought it was a low flying plane, which is strange for over the historic park. As I kept watching, I realized the "low flying plane" had three bright lights on the front and was not getting closer as we drove, it was remaining in the same spot. After watching the object as we drove closer I said to my fiancÚ "...what the hell is that?" And he replied "I don't know, a helicopter? Because its hovering. It happened to be hovering over the road, so right as we got near we slowed down until we were underneath it. We looked up and could see the circular outline of the object. Quickly realizing what we were looking at, we both grabbed our phones to take video. Before we were able to hit record, the object took off and went from over Valley Forge Park to over King of Prussia within 30 seconds. We jumped in the car to follow it but it was already too far in the distance that it wasnt able to be clearly photographed.

When I got home I checked around to see if anyone else had observed it. I then came across two articles from 2011 posted on The Examiner from your website that referenced two sightings in 2011 over route 422 in Oaks and Valley Forge. However our radio wasnt on, so we couldnt hear static like the previous reports. I couldnt believe that they also initially believed it was a plane and also reported three lights. I wasnt planning on reporting our sighting until Ireland those articles that matched our description as well.