Long Description of Sighting Report
Was picking my brother up from work I was on the phone and as i was driving we got to a stop light and we seen bright lights over a movie theater by a high way. First we thought the theater had got like some stadium lights for a premiere or something but as the traffic light changed I asked him "is it on a stand!?" And he said "I think so" and as we was getting closer my first thought was planes don't stay still and theres no attachments and its not a helicopter because I didn't hear the propellers. And as I drive more we get parallel to the movie theaters and lights! And we both seen something that we would never see in a million years but it was a UFO! By now we was in shock and Im yelling at my brother to take a picture and him having a android his phone doesnt let him take pictures with a 5% battery, and Im on the phone so Im yelling and I tell the person Im on the phone with ill call them back! And as I Stopped in the street I jump out my car to a picture with my iPhone but me just getting off the phone my iPhone camera didn't open up fast enough. So now I am no more than maybe 200ft away looking at a actually UFO! Like the entire ship! NOT! Just a light nor a star! So now, it seems like the UFO has identified us noticing it and it starts to move and I really wanted a pic so everyone could believe me! I jumped back in my car and tried to chase it and before I can get to the end of the movie theatre parking lot "the rave" it had disappeared without a sign or a trace! After all that has happened I called the police and asked did anyone else call in about a UFO sighting because i just seen a ufo with bright lights like football stadium lights and we couldnt been the only people to see it but she didn't take me serious.