Long Description of Sighting Report
With my friend, in my car (which was off) in the driveway, and I randomly looked to my left into my neighbors backyard. I saw two upside down bright triangle/teardrop lights that were white/yellow in color that were about 2ft off the ground. The lights were about the size of a lawnmowers lights, and thats what it looked like initially; a lawnmower with headlights shaped like upside down teardrops. I asked my friend, "What is that?" and my friend said "I don't know". We both stared at it for about 5 seconds after I noticed it and then it "turned off", and it looked similar to how a light bulb looks when turned off; it went from bright, to dim, to black very quickly. We didn't know what to do, so I turned my car on and we drove out of my neighborhood and made a loop and decided to drive back to my house to see if it was back. As we were about to pull into my driveway again, we both saw it again, but this time it was much dimmer, but it was in the same spot as it was before; in my neighbors garden and it had not moved at all. Then it disappeared like it did before, like a light just turning off. I turned my car to face my neighbors backyard and I turned my high beams on to see if there was some explanation for what we were seeing, but it was just my neighbors garden and trees. I thought that maybe it had been some sort of reflection from my cars headlights, but then I remembered that when we first initially saw the lights, my car was off and the lights were not reflections; they were actual lights. We repeated the cycle of driving away, seeing the lights in the backyard, and then flashing my high beams to investigate about 5 times before it went away.