Long Description of Sighting Report
I googled after I got home from work and came upon this site. I observed 3 small objects in a cluster while traveling on W. highway 22 towards Allentown. They caught my attention because they had a trail but were just hovering, then started moving and making sharp tight, turns while the other two would remain still. Then in unison, started slowing moving upward. They appeared very high over the horizon, and since there is an airport nearby I though perhaps there was an airshow. I checked later and there wasnt any that day. As I approached my exit, I noticed a fast paced larger jet from my left towards these entities, and then they suddenly were gone. I was really struck by this sighting and wanted to find out if anyone else saw this. I came upon the photos of the sighting in Pittsburgh taken by a gentlemen and these three things resemble his photo to a T. Would like to know if anyone else noticed these, since it was broad daylight. Thank you.