Long Description of Sighting Report
I got up just after midnight and went outside for some air. I looked up and to the south and saw a red green pulsing "star." I watched it with binoculars and then with my canon rebel and zoom lens for about an hour. It never appeared to move relative to the stars for that entire time. I used a Canon Rebel t1I and an old Nikkor zoom lens w. adaptor ring and a doubler. I think the result was about a 400mm lens. The Rebel is reduced array size so x1.6 would make it like a 640 w. field of view of about 3.22 left to right. I managed to get the object onscreen and to do a digital zoom x10 after that ... no mean trick with my flimsy tripod at that magnification. I saw the object fairly clearly at that point on the screen. It was about 1/4" in diameter and pulsed from red to green. It had a bright center, a darker area concentric with the center and then a pulsing red green aurora around the edge. It drifted across the back of my screen with the motion of the stars over head. When it reached the edge of my screen I could reposition the tiny part of the array I was looking at and watch it cross the back of my camera again. Eventually (after about 5-8 minutes) it reached the edge of the array and I had to reposition the camera. I did this several times. I didn't really want to stop but decided it would be better to return to video mode to record it, lose the 10x and see what I could do with imovie the next day in terms of blowing it up. I did this and captured about 20 minutes of video in 3 separate files. I began to narrate at the same time. I couldnt see much at that point so my narration reflects what I had just witnessed with the 10x zoom in still mode and array view or what I was able to see in my binoculars. I was not very clever in that I didn't zoom out to reveal other stars or objects as I should have. All that is visible in the video is the object. Some simple calculations do show that the movement of the object is pretty consistent with the movement of the stars due to earths rotation. I will provide you with the raw footage. I did the maximum crop in imovie the next day (about 50%) and posted the result on youtube at [Link moved to FI Section/cms/tg] .... What moves like a star but is not a star? One more thing. The next night my wife and I both saw these objects with binoculars only but there were at least 4 spaced all around the horizon at about 20 degrees up. I tried again with my camera but was completely unable to repeat my performance of the night before. I think I was quite tired and have no other explanation. Im pretty green about video despite my experience with stills.