Long Description of Sighting Report
My wife son and myself had just picked up my daughter from her church youth group in Barrington NH, we were heading North on Rt 125 t'word Rochester, NH, just as we entered Gonic I saw very bright white light to the NW through the trees. I pointed it out to the family and everyone was watching this light trying to get a better look at it. about a half a mile later it crossed over RT 125 just ahead of us, there were no blinking lights just an extremely bright light with no sound that we could hear, traveling about 45 mph with the windows up. As we came around a small bend in the road there was a clearing where my wife, daughter, and son got a really good look. It looked like a very bright moving ball of light. Then it changed direction going East and seemed to change shape to a long tube. Then all the lights dimmed out and flared up really bright again and it appeared to change shape again, to a triangle with three discernible lights along the edge of the triangle, that were a gold/yellow in color but in the middle of the triangle there were what looked like three square windows which were very bright. Then the three lights that looked like windows dimmed then went out completely one at a time from left to right.This was just as I was braking hard and pulling into the breakdown lane so I could get a good look myself, it was as if it knew we saw it and it went dark as i was stopping. My daughter said she could still see it,it was a very, very dim dark orange color and it continued on to the east out of sight quickly. It was the weirdest thing to see, especially the feeling we all got like it knew we saw it and were stopping so it went dark. I am thinking that the reason it appeared to change shape was because the angle at which we were observing this object was changing, making it appear to be morphing into different shapes.the whole sighting lasted aprox 3 min.