Long Description of Sighting Report
I've never reported this or really spoke much about it. It was probably nothing. But while watching the show last night, a few times a clip was shown with an object that looked a lot like what I saw. My family and I were camping at First Landing State Park, VA, in July 2012. The camping ground faces the Chesapeake beach side of Virgina Beach and is right next to the Joint Expeditionary Base, Fort Story. Around 10 a.m., I was walking up to the camp bath and washrooms and noticed what looked like a 50 gal. barrel hovering above the beach area closest to the base at a slight eastward angle. I ignored it figuring it was a kite or something, but then it stuck me as being unusual. I looked back up and stared at it for a few minutes. "What is that?" I said several times, each time trying to rationalize it as a balloon or kite. But it looked very solid and didn't move at all. If it were windy enough for a barrel-shapped kite to take flight, I would expect it to move or sway a bit. But it didn't. As I was staring at it, a guy walked by me, also heading to the bathroom. As he passed, I called out to him..."Hey, what is that?" The guy looked up, stared a few moments,then simply said "I don't know" and kept walking. I continued to stare then saw two or three blackhawk helicopters take off and head toward the northwest. I said to myself they're going after whatever that is. As I continued toward the bathroom, I kept watching the object as it hovered motionlessly. The helicopters did a large westward loop. And I continued into the bathroom. I was in there maybe 5 mins. When I came back out it was gone. I don't recall if the helicopters were in the air or area when I came out. I returned to the campsite and jokingly told my wife I saw a UFO. I never saw it again while we were there and never quite saw anything like it again.