Long Description of Sighting Report
I was taking long exposures of the Arizona night sky in Sedona. I was shooting for about an hour. Some of my shots included commercial aircraft and they were easy to point out. But one of my photos had a light that I myself could not explain. I don't believe it was camera movement because the tree in frame is not blurry. It almost looks as if something was tracing constellations in the sky. I could not see this object with my naked eye. It only showed up on my camera. It doesn't look like any flight pattern I am familiar with.

There are stars with slight trails behind them, but there is no way what we are seeing was movement of camera or stars. It would of happened with all the stars as well as the tree.

There was a small light source which lit up the tree that is in the frame.

My camera specs are: Canon 60D 30.0 sec at f/3.5 18mm ISO 400. No Flash