Long Description of Sighting Report
I was in my backyard anticipating this object to return, I witnessed this on 3/10/14, Mufon report #54564. The sun was just rising and the sky was clear and light blue. I had seen this object in 2012 on 2 occasions, 2days apart and just knew it would be coming back around. The object came from the West, no evidence of an engine, wings, nose, tail or rotors. It's a vertical cylinder shape with what I can only describe as rays of light poking out of it, it moved silently and smoothly at approximately 15 mph. As it came into full view I attempted to take pictures and as soon as I shot the first one, the object started ascending rapidly, seemed like it was trying to move away from me....sounds crazy I know. I had set the zoom on my camera at it's maximim and was only able to use the screen on back to view through and had a difficult time locating it due to the narrow window of view with the maximum zoom. I could see it with my naked eye but couldn't get it to "lock on" the view screen. At the same time the object started to ascend, it also changed direction from heading East to Northeast. I was able to finally take a picture but the camera was reading the background as black and the object turnrd out small. I am unable to transmit the picture since I am using an Ipad but could email it to someone through my Husbands' computer if there's any interest. As the object moved further away to the Northeast it got smaller due to the distance and then it just disappeared.

I am hoping that it will come back maybe one more time but since it's behavior is exactly like my sightings 2 years ago I doubt that will happen, but I will be ready with the camera!