Long Description of Sighting Report
While on vacation in Sedona, Arizona my husband and I parked on the side of a park area and while he was watching the sunset I was looking down using my cell phone. He said there's a UFO, I remarked yeah right and didn't look up. He said no really there's a UFO. I looked up and was shocked to see it. I grabbed my camera and started taking pictures. It hovered, moved slowly ascended behind the clouds then it "materialized" (lack of a better word) out of no where only lower. Then it hovered then disappeared. I have about 6 photos of it. The photos that I am submitting here may not be reproduced in any form, sold, reprinted, published, or used in any way without my prior knowledge and written consent. I still have it available on the camera card so it can be authenticated and or determined exactly what it is. I have more information that I only want to share that is very personal. If someone can email to me an email address I will submit that info. It is very personal and I do not want it released publically. Please contact me.