Long Description of Sighting Report
It was a clear night and went outside to see if any UFO's were in the area. There is one that is above hovering that is there frequently. I was watching it and trying to take video. While scouting the skies, I noticed another UFO flying from the west to east towards the hovering UFO. I continued to watch and try to video, as the one UFO became closer to the hovering UFO, the hovering UFO opened like these 3 beam lights. 2 of the beams faced up one to the northeast, the other to the northwest. The 3rd beam was shinning down below the UFO. The UFO flying east and upon the approach of the hovering UFO, it seemed to go inside the hovering UFO. As soon as the UFO that was flying eastward went inside the hovering. UFO, the lights seemed to fold up like petals on a flower. I waited to see if the other UFO would come out or something, but nothing. The one hovering remained hovering and then I went inside.

When I saw what happened it was too surreal... Definitely something from a sci-fy movie that one might see. I ask myself, how do they do that?